Did you know that there are foods that can naturally improve your libido,  increase your reproductive health and spark your sexual appetite?

Spice up your sex life by including these foods to the menu:

Wild salmon

Wild salmon and other cold-water fish (such as sardines, herring, trout and anchovies) are confirmed to boost your sexual strength and overall health as they are so high in omega-3. These important fatty acids are important to the healthy function of your mind and nervous system, fight depression and increase your mood, memory and brain power.


This refreshing summer fruit is rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that helps increase blood flow to the sexual organs. It’s like Nature’s Viagra -  without having the side effects. L-citrulline optimises blood flow in the body by initial transforming to L-arginine and then to nitric oxide, which is included in dilation of the blood vessels. Low levels of nitric oxide are related with mental and physical tiredness and sexual dysfunction. 

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate’s many advantages are well documented, such as its capability to mimic the sensation of being in love. Few people will argue with the fact that chocolate makes one feel actually good. This is not just because of the flavor and texture, it’s also thanks to a chemical in chocolate, called phenylethylamine (also called the “love chemical”), believed to generate the feeling of being in love. Analysis has also found that women who enjoyed a piece of chocolate every day had a much more active sex life than those who didn’t.


Asparagus has been considered a effective aphrodisiac since ancient times. And, it seems, for good purpose. This vegetable is rich in potassium and folic acid, a B vitamin that helps improve the manufacturing of histamine, which is essential for a healthy sex drive in both men and women.


Oysters boost dopamine, a “feel-good” hormone that improves libido in both men and women. These shellfish are specifically significant for men, though, as they are very rich in zinc which is important for testosterone production and the maintenance of healthy sperm.



Blueberries are high in antioxidants and have the capability to relax the blood vessels, thereby permitting increased flow. This, in turn, means better blood stream to the sex organ and stronger erections. Blueberries also rule when it comes to the increasing the dopamine levels, as they give the body a higher capability to release this feel-good hormone.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great libido increaser for both men and women as they’re said to improve sexual appetite and desire. Like oysters, pumpkin seeds are very rich in zinc, which is essential for testosterone. Even though women have much less testosterone than men, it continue to plays a key part in their libido. Pumpkin seeds also consist of high levels of omega-3 which acts as a precursor of prostaglandins – hormone-like substances significant for sexual health.


Though the thought of garlic might not instantly conjure up romance, it is said to be a strong aphrodisiac as it contains allicin, a compound thought to increase blood flow and increase sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs.


Avocados help to improve both male and female libido as they are a great resource of folic acid, which helps the body in metabolising proteins and providing energy. Avos are also rich in vitamin B6, which increases male hormone manufacturing, and potassium, which improves female libido by helping to regulate the woman’s thyroid gland.


Peanuts are great libido boosters, specifically for men, as they are a rich organic source of L-arginine. This amino acid helps increase sexual function in men by relaxing blood vessels. Preliminary research have also found that L-arginine may help with erectile dysfunction because of this effect on the blood vessels.